Are There Computers Specifically Designed for Seniors to Use?

seniorIf you are a senior with little or no computer experience but you have realized that in order to communicate better with your family, participate in social media and see pictures and video of your children and grandchildren, you might need to get a computer and learn how to use it. But are there computers that are designed specifically for senior citizens to use?

While it would be fair to say that there are computers that are marketed – and perhaps even designed – for seniors to use, the ones that are out there are somewhat costly and may not even use standard operating systems which make it difficult to use certain applications. Here are a few examples of those types of computers.

The Telikin

Telikin computers are marketed as being designed for seniors and on the surface this is definitely true. They are all-in-one units that are basically plug-in-and-turn-on to use, and they do have some specific advantages such as large screens and specially designed icons that are easy to see along with touchscreen technology to remove the need for the keyboard and mouse. However, the Telikin does have the disadvantage of running on the Linux operating system which may make it incompatible with some applications that only work on Windows and Apple computers. In addition, the Telikin runs between $800 and $1000, while you can get a used laptop for around $100.

Tablets for Seniors

There are also tablets on the market that are specifically designed for seniors to use. They usually incorporate easy-to-use operating systems and have larger icons and more tutorials and help information then an off-the-shelf laptop that you might get from an electronic store. However, tablets that are specifically designed for seniors often cost a great deal more than you could go out and buy a low-end tablet for. For example, senior tablets can run anywhere between $300 and $700 while you can get a tablet at Walmart for between $50 and $100.

Computers That Are Specifically Set up for Seniors

Something else that you may want to consider instead of buying a tablet or computer that is specifically marketed and designed for seniors is to simply buy a new or used computer and have someone knowledgeable with computing set it up for you to use easily. This is actually a very viable way to get a computer that you can use without compromising or spending too much money.

For example, if you get a computer with touchscreen capabilities you can have an operating system installed that will allow you to use your computer just like a mobile device where you touch the screen when you want to open something or closed something. Also, computers can be set up so that the icons are very large and that everything is available at your fingertips. Windows, in particular, has a number of accessibility options and there are lots of third-party applications that can make a computer more accessible for seniors as well.

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